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Our well-established local business is dedicated to providing the people of Colne and surrounding area with a wide range of tyres at very attractive prices. Not content with that, we also offer a comprehensive car valeting service, including hand washing and finishing, giving your car a showroom appearance.

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Book Your Fitting Online.
Use the below search to find tyres for your vehicle and book a fitting convenient to you

[featured_item icon=”user-chat” type=”big” title=”Vehicle valeting in Colne”]At Colne Tyre & Valeting Centre we are committed to supplying the best quality tyres at competitive prices and we are well-known for our tyre services in Colne.[/featured_item]
[featured_item icon=”wrench-screwdriver” type=”big” title=”Great tyres, great prices”]You should never take risks with tyres, they really are a matter of life or death so pick up the phone or call in today – we are local people keeping local drivers safe.[/featured_item]
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Free appointments available to book online now or Call us. No booking for Wash & Mini Valet Service but best to book for Full Valet Hand Wax/Polish Services. So give us a call on: 01282 869 984 – we offer a collect & return service.


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We provide top notch tyre service for all types of vehicles.
We have a huge stocks of tyres of following brand:

[items_list additembutton=””][item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Goodyear[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Pirelli[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Michelin[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Hankook[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Continental[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Bridgestone[/item][/items_list]
[items_list additembutton=””][item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Dunlop[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Toyo[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Kumho[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Vredestein[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Uniroyal[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Falken[/item][item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Davanti[/item][/items_list]
[items_list additembutton=””][item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Cooper[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Yokohama[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Nexen[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Nankang[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Maxxis[/item]
[item url=”” url_target=”new_window” icon=”bullet” text_color=””]Apollo[/item][/items_list]
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[featured_item icon=”car-audio” title=”NEW TYRES”]The simple way to buy and have your new car tyres fitted locally by friendliest staff![/featured_item][featured_item icon=”road” title=”TYRE ALIGNMENT & BALANCING”]Correct wheel alignment ensures that the tyres are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other and that on a level straight road your car will travel in a true straight line.[/featured_item]
[featured_item icon=”car” title=”MINI VALETING”]If your vehicle is a little grubby or shows signs of wear and tear, maybe it needs a freshen up ?[/featured_item][featured_item icon=”car-setting” title=”FULL VALETING”]When you drive away from the Colne Tyre & Valeting Centre after having a full valet valet, you’ll feel as though you are driving straight out of a car showroom.[/featured_item]
[featured_item icon=”truck-tow” title=”MOBILE TYRE FITTING”]Had a blow out? No spare tyre? Need a new tyre in an emergency?
Sameday fitting! Get in touch![/featured_item][featured_item icon=”car-check” title=”FAST SERVICE AVAILABLE”]Need a new tyre? Order online today, Send your Tyre Size/Make to Txt Service 07968 487270[/featured_item]
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[cs_testimonials testimonials_count=”3″ testimonials_icon0=”pen” testimonials_title0=”“Brilliant set of lads. From ringing up for tyres they were on my van within the hour at a good price. Also the tyres come with a lifetime guarantee. Support local businesses. 5 star service .“” testimonials_author0=”S. Rollinson” testimonials_author_subtext0=”Nelson” testimonials_icon1=”pen” testimonials_title1=”“Very well organised. Very quick fitting. Polite and friendly.“” testimonials_author1=”James Patterson” testimonials_icon2=”pen” testimonials_title2=”“A big thanks to colne tyre & valeting for going above and beyond for a small job it’s very much appreciated and I will be passing your number on to many new customers thanks again.“” testimonials_author2=”‎Tracie Gott‎” testimonials_author3=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext3=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author4=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext4=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author5=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext5=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author6=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext6=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author7=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext7=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author8=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext8=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author9=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext9=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author10=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext10=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author11=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext11=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author12=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext12=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author13=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext13=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author14=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext14=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author15=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext15=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author16=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext16=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author17=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext17=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author18=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext18=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author19=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext19=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author20=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext20=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author21=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext21=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author22=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext22=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author23=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext23=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author24=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext24=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author25=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext25=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author26=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext26=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author27=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext27=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author28=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext28=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author29=”— Sample Author” testimonials_author_subtext29=”— Sample Author” autoplay=”0″ scroll=”1″ duration=”500″]
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